Le coq sportif was founded 130 years ago, in 1882, in Romilly-sur-Seine near Troyes, France's hosiery capital. His earliest purpose was providing high-quality sport products for teams and individual athletes. Le coq sportif has been market by great moments - Bernard Hinault's five Tour de France victories, Yannick Noah's 1983 French Open win, and Argentina's World Cup victory in 1986, led by Diego Maradona, folowing Italy's win in 1982 - that have forever tied the brand to sport. Today, le coq sportif is a sponsor to athletes in its historic sports: the tricolor brand provides high-performance jerseys to the Tour de France leaders, and in January 2014 le coq sportif launched a deal with French tennis player Richard Gasquet, who is in the ATP’s top 10. In 2015, le coq sportif will also return to top-level football. Le coq sportif designs its shoe and clothing collections with just as much care as its products designed for professional athletes, with the same touch of French elegance.

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