The No Name offer is aimed at daring women who dream of comfortable and durable fashion. The No Name women's shoes combine comfort and style in one shoe. Due to their platforms, these shoes allow women to be taller and step stronger. Ideal for 90s fashion fans who long for a bold and cutting edge brand.

No Name is a prestigious French footwear brand born in 1992 that amazed the planet with its iconic five-centimeter platform shoe, Plato Sneaker, designed by Maison Rautureau.

The brand emerged in a context of the 90s, where the logo was everywhere and earned a place in the market where they acclaimed that the brand does not have priority, only the product is important. Today, twenty years later, the brand continues to be remembered not because they have no name, but because it is living proof that a name is not needed to be remembered.

Pioneers in the design of platform sneakers that was so popular during the 90s, today the brand is seen on the soles of women around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to Berlin. In addition, the brand is present at all international market fairs. The perfect combination of sporty and elegant footwear, No Name offers a unique '90s revival. Taking the original model and supercharging it with prints, patterns and embellishments, each pair is a work of art.

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