06.04.2019 - 07.12.2019
My Day

On the first Saturday of every month you have an appointment with MY DAY!

You will spend one day at the Outlet in Barcelona to enjoy special activities related to fashion, styling, gastronomy, health, sports, among others. A day turned into a special day! We propose several actions dedicated only to you.

Saturday is yours. You deserve it!



APRIL 6TH. BEAUTY: This spring you deserve to wear the fashionable hairstyle. & LOVE: In this special month, send a message to your favorite person.

MAY 4: Paradise: You will touch the sky with your hands.

JUNE 1: Healthy Cooking: I would never say that this summer shopping and cooking would be so easy!

SEPTEMBER 7: Fashion: Making everything look good is very simple.

OCTOBER 12, Training: Breath for the Viladecans race and train the best you can!

NOVEMBER 2, Urban Garden: We will build an urban garden and we will be 100% ecological for one day.

DECEMBER 7, Christmas Charity: Christmas is solidarity. Come with old clothes and toys that do not use the children of the house, we will make a good use.

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