Javier Simorra is linked from the beginning to the concepts of elegance, sophistication, quality and “savoir faire”. Currently, and with a long career behind him, he has managed to cope with everything that comes up always finding a balance between tradition and evolution that has allowed the firm to adapt to the market and the constant needs of the world of fashion that has recently embarked to complete a comprehensive renewal process.
One of the deepest values of the brand throughout its career is based on the personality of their designs and “knowhow” acquiring great experience and the combination treatment of tissues. An experience that is reflected in projected collections each season by signing strong emphasis on materials and structures and to fit perfectly to the shapes of the female figure.
Throughout its history the brand has collaborated with prestigious photographers: Otomuro, Mario Sierra, Pepe Botella, Farrús and Xavi Gordo. Models as Nieves Alvarez or Laura Sanchez, who began their career with the Catalan designer have been responsible of taking the designers garments to a very high standard.
Javier Simorra has always played a major role in fashion shows in the city of Barcelona. Since 2002, with the first Pasarela Gaudí which later became the 2005 Pasarela Barcelona and today is known as the 080 Barcelona Fashion in which the firm has also recently participated. The next steps for the group are projected to gain a foothold on the international catwalks most recognized in the world of fashion.

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