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Best Then. Better Now.

As in every company with a soul, our history began with the dream of a shoemaker. His ambition was to create the perfect shoes that would meet the needs of hard-working people. Those who, often in difficult conditions, were building together the power of the United States.

The shoemaker’s name was Nathan Swartz. In 1962, he purchased shares in a small Boston footwear company. In the following years he became its owner and invited his sons to run the business together with him. As early as in the 1960s, they managed to start producing shoes using an innovative method consisting in joining the upper with the sole without any seams. This is how another dream was born...

The year 1973 turned out to be a breakthrough. After years of testing, Sidney Swartz showed his employees a shoe dedicated specifically to them. It was the 10061 model. It was solid, made of yellow nubuck, completely waterproof. It was durable in any conditions. These are the beginnings of the Icon, which in the 21st century is one of the most frequently counterfeited type of boots. Premium 6, 10061, Yellow Boot – won the hearts of Timberland employees first, then all Americans and the rest of the world. The name of the boot became the name of the Company, which in the following years was watching their American dream come true.

Why has the Yellow Boot and the entire Timberland brand become iconic? This is due to its authenticity, which cannot be counterfeited. It is the attachment to tradition and history, which is always built together. This is the quality that can be seen at every stage of production, which gives perfect footwear, clothes and accessories made of the best materials. It is the innovativeness that complements the historical roots of the brand in the 21st century.

It is also respect for the environment in which we function. With regard to the people who cooperate with us. With regard to the environment in which our factories operate. With a deep sense of responsibility for the local community and ecosystem protection, we introduce green technologies into our products in which recycled materials are used. We plant a tree for each pair of shoes that we sell. We cooperate with the best companies, such as Leather Working Group, which respect human rights and environmental protection in the production process.

We are transparent and credible. We value sincerity and lay cards on the table. We want to be a brand that is socially responsible and provides our customers with the best urban and outdoor products on a daily basis. We believe that both they and us demand more from life.

Timberland. Best Then. Better Now.
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