Santagloria Coffee & Bakery is a benchmark of quality that brings together the best of a classic product and original new ideas, a place to try artisan baked goods and breads in a welcoming and modern atmosphere. In its assortment you can find products for all taste, a wide range of breads and a complete selection of high quality bakery and salted products, in addition to Arabic coffee and soft drinks. Committed to the quality of their products, they are cooked with sour dough, local wheats, 100% natural ingredients, whole grain flour, and ancestral cereals. Besides, we avoid using hydrogenated fats, artificial colorings, preservatives and genetically modified organisms. We also have gluten free and low salted products available for our consumers.
Santagloria belongs to Foodbox’ family ,  a new restoration platform with in  other consolidated brands like Taberna del Volapié, Papizza and L’Obrador.


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