Sustainable Savings

Energy saving measures:
Less electricity. More comfort.

In our center we produce part of our own electricity with self-generated solar energy thanks to the photovoltaic panels we have on the roof and the rest of the energy we use is 100% renewable. Because we like to be well lit, 100% of our light bulbs and lamps are LED, to have the same light without consuming so many resources.
Environmental management policy:
Yes, we want to.

We want to remain committed to sustainability, so we have implemented an environmental management system that involves not failing to implement measures to save resources and energy efficiency that have made us obtain a Breeam certification, 5 stars, which considers both our management and the design of the building.
And yes, we want the planet.
We have an environmental management system, so we recycle a lot. As much as 144,560kg of cardboard and plastic. That equates to the fact that we have avoided cutting down 1,156 trees.
Consumption saving measures: 
We are 99% water and 100% savers.

We know that saving water is essential for our planet, so we have adopted a sea of measures that have saved us more than 100,000 liters, about 500 showers, thanks to our low consumption facilities and our sustainable toilets, which have low taps consumption, presence sensors, double discharge in dry toilets and urinals, so that only the necessary water is used.
We are not those who dance under the rain, but we do collect our water to give it a second use: for cleaning, watering our green areas...
Health and wellness measures: 
We know what comes first. 

Therefore, all our measures have made us a certified center in prevention measures against COVID. The first thing is our well-being. Therefore, our facilities have optimal acoustic comfort, we control and monitor light pollution, as well as manage sanitation water through a purification prior to discharge into the network.
Land use and ecology measures: 
Our land needs us. 

We carry out a Site Biodiversity Management Plan (PGBE) that uses the water from our reservoirs, which collect rainwater, through drainage systems to be more efficient with the irrigation of our soil.
And is that we like our green areas as much as efficiency, that is why we have also improved our irrigation system so that our native green areas always have the little irrigation they require and continue to contribute to the biodiversity of the area.
Other services to encourage the use of sustainable transport
It never hurts

We want to continue doing everything in our power to promote sustainability, which is why our center has electric car chargers, electric scooter chargers, as well as bike parking, electric motorcycle charger and accessibility in public transport.
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